Dave Schwarz

Hi, I'm Dave Schwarz. Professionally, I 1) tell stories, 2) create experiences, and 3) share knowledge.

Dave Schwarz's Bio:

I'm privileged to produce content in association with some very recognizable names in the broadcast, corporate and entertainment industries. But, more importantly, I love telling everyday stories of human drama, tension, and impact. Whether that's a product, cause, or belief that can have a real, lasting effect . . . especially when it can be replicated to change families, industries or communities.

For me, telling stories comes in the form of creating broadcast spots, mini-documentaries, and full-scale film and video production.

I also enjoy navigating the balance of creative planning and technical execution when it comes to creating an experience for an audience of people who need to be encouraged, celebrated, trained, inspired, or changed.

From determining the best floorplan to pulling together a team to set up and run excellent sound, video and lighting; I love everything about the process of creating and executing live conferences, seminars and gatherings of any size.

This is the final circle in my professional Vin Diagram: consulting, mentoring and teaching. 

On some projects, this means working with facility planners and architects on creating the right environment and theatrical capabilities. I also take several international trips per year to work with creative and technical teams in developing countries. In addition, I speak at conferences on blending creative and technical abilities to help others shorten their learning curve and become as effective as possible in their area of passion.

Thanks for checking out my bio.

Dave Schwarz

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